Mosh Pit Dos and Don’ts

Hello Live Music fans! I’m an old guy (in my 30’s, very old indeed) who has been to many concerts. From classical music recitals and operas, to the hardest hip hop shows and grungiest punk rock venues. I’ve found that when the seats are taken out and people...
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A Brief History of Electronic Music

Electronic music today is one of the largest genres there is. The sub-genres have people the whole word over shaking what their momma gave them and having all the fun that someone dancing can have. The most common current genres of electronic music includes: Dance Disco Techno Drum...
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Interview With A Brief View of the Hudson

Ask any blues or folk musician worth their worn guitar and they’ll likely tell you the same thing: it takes commitment to play this music and it takes time to get where you want to be. This holds true for New York City’s own A Brief View of...
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Even Rock Stars Take Music Lessons

Even Rock Stars Take Music Lessons  I remember hours and hours of piano lessons when I was a child. I had to practice every day after school rather than playing outside with my friends. As a child, I dreaded these lessons to the point where I finally quit...
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Musicians on Tour: Justin Timberlake

There is, perhaps, no one bigger in the world of pop music right now than Justin Timberlake. With respect to the Carters, he has topped the charts for decades and has one of the best selling albums and one of the best relations with the record buying public...
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Musicians on Tour: Bruce Springsteen

When it comes to epic tours and epic concerts, there is perhaps no one in the business who does it better than The Boss. Bruce Springsteen has long been an epic performer. Tracks like “Born to Run” and “Thunder Road” are not meant to be played small. They’re...
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3 Incredible Guitar Players You Have Never Heard Of

Have you ever attended a show at a hole-in-the-wall bar and been so blown away by a guitarist’s performance that you simply could not believe he or she wasn’t selling out stadiums? The world is full of amazing unknown and little known guitarists who, whether by choice or...
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