10 Best Metal Sub-Genres and Drink Pairings

So you are preparing to have a night in with some utterly heavy grooves and aren’t sure what kind of beverage you ought to pour into the cavernous vacuum that exists inside you? Well look no further than the expert advice of Live Music Machine!...

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Band Spotlight: Pert Near Sandstone


Pert Near Sandstone want to be the band that takes Bluegrass music into modern times by getting rid of the ‘back porch, hillbilly’ reputation that the music has and make it appeal to modern audiences all over the country. How they have been doing this...

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Musicians on tour: P!nk


When you spell your stage name with a piece of punctuation you had better be able to entertain – becoming a punch line is easy for one who spells their name without letters (ask Prince back when he was ‘Formerly Known as’). P!nk has emerged...

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On tour: Bruce Springsteen


When it comes to epic tours and epic concerts, there is perhaps no one in the business who does it better than The Boss. Bruce Springsteen has long been an epic performer. Tracks like “Born to Run” and “Thunder Road” are not meant to be...

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2014 Winter Bluegrass Festivals


The Nights are Cold but the Picking is Hot What’s that, you say? It’s too cold out for Bluegrass festivals in the winter? Hogwash! Poppycock, and all other kinds of old timey words that mean bull***t! Ok, I admit that there are quite a few...

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Interview With A Brief View of the Hudson


Ask any blues or folk musician worth their worn guitar and they’ll likely tell you the same thing: it takes commitment to play this music and it takes time to get where you want to be. This holds true for New York City’s own A Brief View...

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Even Rock Stars Take Music Lessons


Some Famous Rock Stars and Their Music Teachers I remember hours and hours of piano lessons when I was a child. I had to practice every day after school rather than playing outside with my friends. As a child, I dreaded these lessons to the...

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